Definitive Guide for Moving Heavy Furniture

Are you thinking about shifting to a new house? Well, you will surely agree that moving heavy furniture, such as lounges, dining tables, cabinets, etc., is never easy. All these items are not only heavy but also expensive. While moving them, you must exercise caution and care, because a small mistake can cause damage to the item or worse to the people carrying it.

Many people believe to move furniture only brawn power is required. Of course, that’s a necessity because furniture, as said before, is heavy. However, no less essential is proper training and previous experience, especially if stairs have to be negotiated.  Therefore, if you are moving to a new house and own expensive furniture, you should always strongly consider hiring professionals. Also save money during moving.

Professional movers have the necessary manpower, experience, expertise, and tools to complete furniture moving in a safe and efficient manner. We have loads of experience in furniture moving, so you can count on us to move your furniture with extra care.

To ensure that heavy furniture is moved with zero damage and maximum ease, our team follows these time-tested tips:

  • Plan well in advance – It is always a good idea to plan your move a few weeks in advance. Leaving things too late will only cause undue stress and might mess up your whole move. Days before you are scheduled to start packing, check how heavy your furniture is. If the cabinets weigh over 50 kilograms, you should ask professionals to help you move your furniture. Empty your cabinets and put all its stuff into cartons before the move day.
  • Keep your pets out of the way – Put your pets in a separate room so that they don’t interfere with movers.
  • Hire a babysitter – Do you have small kids in the house? Well, if yes, hire a babysitter for the move day to look after them. Or you can send them to daycare.
  • Measure doors, passages, and driveways – Taking these measurements will help you plan the most effective route for moving your furniture out of your house for loading. Ample space minimizes chances of damage to your furniture while it is being moved out of the home.
  • Clearway – One more important thing you must do before actual moving of your furniture starts is to ensure the passageway is absolutely clear. Make sure that there’s nothing lying in the way that can cause the moving team to trip over and fall, causing injury to themselves and damage to your expensive furniture.
  • Be careful if you’re moving the furniture yourself – As said above, moving furniture is a specialist’s job. Therefore, it would be best to hire professional movers melbourne for this job. In case you are moving furniture with help of a friend, you should be careful. You both might get hurt while moving the furniture or the furniture might get damaged. There’s also a risk of developing a strain or catch in the back, especially if your furniture is heavy.
  • Furniture trolley – If your furniture weighs over 50 kilograms, you should always use a sturdy furniture trolley to move it. When you hire a professional team, they’ll come with this trolley and other required equipment and tools. You need to ask about all the Competitive Prices of their quality services before hiring a Removalists.
  • Hire trucks with tailgates or hydraulic lifts – You can instruct the relocation company you’ve hired to use trucks which have tailgates or hydraulic lifts to make it easier to load the furniture into the truck and to ensure that the furniture isn’t damaged in any way during the loading or unloading process.
  • Use furniture straps – The risk of damaging the furniture is high when it is being moved from your current home to the removal truck or from it to your new home. This risk reduces significantly if furniture straps are used.
  • Use quality packing materials – Never forget to use bubble wraps or protective sheets to cover your furniture while moving them. By using such protective materials you can ensure your expensive furniture is free of marks or scratches.
  • Use quality protective gears – Furniture that is designed with fiber and glass require extra care and protective gears. Make sure that you secure them using quality protective gears. Otherwise, they can break when you move them.
  • Keep an eye on the weather – Don’t forget to check the weather forecast for the moving day. The last thing you would want is to move your expensive furniture on a rainy day. If heavy rain is forecasted, it would be best to postpone or advance the moving date a bit.

With help of these tips, you can ensure that your furniture moving is safe and tension-free. As furniture is a heavy and expensive item, you should take a lot of care while moving it and the best approach is to hire professional furniture movers for this work.

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