Do You Really Need to Request Removal Quotes?

Do You Really Need to Request Removal Quotes?

The very thought of relocating can be scary and stressful. Next, one has to decide whether the moving would be done by oneself or through expert movers. Once you decide to relocate your house through professional movers, the next big task is to request a removal quote. A person planning to move is full of eternal fears, questions, and apprehensions. Thus, availing of genuine and professional movers’ services becomes crucial. And requesting a removal quote is the first step in this direction.

A removal quote could be requested online, over a call, or by visiting a moving company’s office. Requesting an online removal quote is the best among them. It allows one to request a removal quote from many removalists. This may help one strike the best deals possible at a very reasonable price. Tovey Movers meticulously guide clients in requesting a removal quote to make relocation timely and effortless.

When To Request A Removal Quote?

Any hastily moving work leads to utter confusion, chaos, and disappointment. At the same time, it should be noted that moving involves various components that are complicated and time-consuming. Thus, it is very important to start the relocation work on time. It is advisable to request a removal quote 6-8 weeks before moving.

Such a long duration will allow the removalists to assess and pack your items in an organised and neat manner. Try requesting removal quotes online to avail yourself of the best removal quotes in the quickest time. The online websites would forward your database to the many genuine professional movers and help you choose the best in very little time.

Which Key Details Do I Need To Include In My Removal Quote?

To make your moving experience safe, it is important to provide them with every possible minute detail to the removalists. This will help the removalists to determine the exact cost of your move. Doing this will also save one from the additional charges that may be levied at the end owing to extra work. The key information that needs to be shared is precisely discussed below:-

  • Location:- It is important to be very clear about where you are moving and where you will be going. If one doesn’t know the exact address of the new house to be moved in, at least the name of the city or the suburb could be provided. This will allow the removalist to roughly indicate the moving cost that will be further open to healthy bargaining.
  • Address:- The cost of moving will largely depend upon a fixed travel route. An extra mile of travelling will lead to extra charges. Thus to avoid such problems, providing exact addresses is very necessary.

If the new address has not been secured yet, availing of a storage service would be best suited. Here, your goods will be moved and safely stored. When you are ready to move into your house, these goods will be delivered to you at your new address. The shipping container method is best suited under such circumstances.

  • Moving Date:- It is always better to provide the removalists with the Date of moving or any other optional dates that may suit you well. The more flexible one is in choosing dates, the better the chances of saving money. Most removalists utilise all the space available on moving trucks and vans. And Tovey Movers strictly adhere to this notion.

Weekends are the best time to travel if one wants to save travelling time as there is less traffic. The clients, too, probably have an off day. But if one is looking forward to cost-effective relocation, then weekdays are a better option.

  • Items To Be Moved:– It is very important to provide the removalists with a descriptive list of your items to be moved. One should mention the number of boxes, size of boxes, heaviness, and furniture to the movers. Also, a special mention of the fragile and expensive items will help the removalists make your journey smooth and damage-free.

Try to compliment your list with photos of the items to be moved. This will help the removalists accurately quote the cost of your relocation.

  • Budget of Moving:- Always give your removalist a budget if you have it in your mind. Good and experienced removalists will always try to optimise it in the best way. Your entire move will be planned accordingly, and efforts will be made that the moving cost is within the budget.

This will also help them be selective on a priority basis while packing your stuff. The not-so-important and unwanted items would be selectively sold, and the money earned will further support your relocation.

  • Insurance:- There are generally two types of insurance that removalists offer while moving. The first one is the ‘Goods in Transit Insurance. This is a basic insurance that most genuine and well-reputed relocating companies offer. This protects your goods from truck accidents or collisions. The second insurance is full. This is standardised insurance and has to be availed through additional charges. This covers all your belongings from all types of damage while moving.

One should note here that basic insurance is not activated automatically. Proper prior paperwork is required to enjoy the Goods in Transit insurance while moving.

  • Description About your House:- One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not describing clearly about their house. It is crucial to provide the removalists with all the necessary information about your house. This may include – the entry points of your house, stairs, any narrow passages, any restrictions on the property, parking space, etc. This will save you from additional charges that may come up later. Also, prior knowledge about the intricacies will help removalists be well prepared and better equipped.

How Can Tovey Movers Help You?

Tovey Movers helps you get the best moving services across Melbourne at a competitive rate that easily fits your budget. You can easily avail of our various services such as house, office, interstate, piano, and pool table moving services. We also offer single item delivery and man van services at the most competitive prices. We are highly reputed for providing qualitative packing and unpacking services. Our packers use the best quality packing materials to make your moving experience safe and hassle-free.

Please fill out our online free quote form to avail of our services. To enquire further, please call us at 1800 958 010.