How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Moving?

Kids Entertained While Moving

Moving in itself is a challenging and demanding activity. Along with the struggle and stress of relocating your belongings from one place to another, kids add on a bunch of work and stress. With so many things that they could be entertained by on the go, it can take a lot of time to keep them entertained. In this blog piece, we will share some ways to keep your kids amused without having to spend hours trying to entertain them.

Ways To Keep Kids Entertained When Moving

During relocation, the children may be bored. This can lead to problems such as crying and whining. It is essential to provide the kids with entertainment to avoid these issues. For example, books and toys that encourage creative expression are perfect for when the kids are unoccupied or too young to watch television.

Kids Entertained When Moving

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep your kids entertained when moving. You might be seeking ways to keep them occupied during the process. The best way to keep them entertained is by buying them the games and toys which they like the most. Make sure that they are the right size for their new room or home. Here are some ideas to keep them busy and entertained during the house moving process:

  • Play games on the go with an iPad or their game console
  • Play educational games from your mobile device
  • Watch movies on a portable media player
  • Take photos to document their new room

It can be difficult to move a family of four or five members and their belongings from one location to another. Although packing is an essential part of the moving process, it can also be frustrating for children to sit in a car on a drive across town. The most effective way to keep your kids occupied is by making the most use of technology.

How To Get Around And Be Responsible While Moving?

Below are ways you can use to keep your kids occupied, making it easy for you to pack and move without any chaos and mismanagement.

  • Game on the go! Download challenging games that can be played on tablets and smartphones.
  • Use the time to teach them new life skills. No matter how old they are, they’ll enjoy learning to make origami or doing other crafts with the moving boxes.
  • Plan ahead! If you know it’s going to be a long move, plan out each day’s activities and pack accordingly.
  • Take their favorite board game, video game, or eBook on the road with them.
  • Buy a new storybook from the bookstore for your kid or download their favorite eBook in the tab or phone.

Some Extra Tips To Keep Your Kids Occupied During The Move

Some other tips to keep your kids entertained and busy during the relocation is by getting them involved in the moving process. Try to indulge your kids in small activities like packing and unpacking, making a to-do list, etc. This way you can not only keep the kids entertained but also teach them new things.

Some Extra Tips To Keep Your Kids Occupied During The Move

  • Outdoor activities are a pretty great idea to keep the kids out of the house while also allowing them to expend some energy. Balls, bubbles, or a tether-ball set are some of the most liked games by the kids. Set up a painting or play-dough station in the garden to keep them occupied if they get tired quickly.
  • Once you’ve arrived at your new location, set up a scavenger hunt to let the kids’ inner investigator loose. Give them a list of things to look for in the moving boxes when they arrive. It should be simple for them to locate the things if your cartons are already labeled. You may have the youngsters look for a favorite bedtime story, a family portrait, or their pajamas.
  • Arranged a craft station on the lawn to keep children occupied while you unpack. Water-based paints, colored markers, sheets, and aprons are all you’ll need to get started — and older children might enjoy lovely origami papers. Encourage them to create paintings of the new location or photographs of one another. Assign the kids with packing a carton with stuff they’ll need to adapt into the new residence while you’re busy preparing a home.
  • Encourage them to consider all of the small items they’ll need for their first night in their new room, so they don’t have to search through all the boxes! Pajamas, toys, required clothing and other essentials.


There are numerous ways to keep your kids occupied during relocation. One way is to use a singing app such as Sing! Karaoke or the Car Tunes app. These apps have songs that can be used for sing-alongs. Toys, games, and puzzles can occupy your child’s attention and kill their boredom, which will ensure they don’t distract you from driving.

Keeping children entertained is one of the biggest challenges parents face. One way to avoid this is by focusing on what they can do instead of what they cannot do. If you want them to play quietly, consider creating a variety of different games that require concentration and skill. Playing together with siblings or friends is also great fun for kids. Go through Tovey Movers Blogs for more informative pieces on moving and packing.