How To Pack Plates & Glasses For Moving?

Pack Plates & Glasses

When moving, using the correct kind of carton for packing china, glassware, and breakables helps ensure that this valuable luggage is transported safely. You’re undoubtedly thinking about how to pack dishes without breaking any if you’ve ever lost a wine glass in transportation. You go to your new house and unpack a pair of glasses, then discover that they’ve broken on the route. The kitchen is the most demanding area of your house and is always the last to pack and first to unpack. You need a strong plan, professional hands like Tovey Movers and quality packing supplies to move and pack your dishes and glasses without any damage. As you complete your moving checklist and prepare to begin packing, here’s what you need to know about packing dishes and glasses properly so you can relax with your feet up and your dishes intact at the end of the day.

Packing Plates For Moving

Dishwasher-safe boxes are available at several moving supply retailers. These are wonderful, but they are also more costly. A simple box will work as long as you’re attentive and pad the dishes appropriately. To begin, put your dish in the center of a sheet of packaging paper and secure it by pulling the paper’s intersections over the plate.

Packing Glasses

Next, make three more dishes of the exact size and repeat the process. Finally, pile the four plates together, place them upside down on another sheet of packaging paper, and wrap the pile with packing tape again. Next, put the bundle in a small box, vertically stacking the plates on a dense layer of packing paper. The chances of breakage of dishes are higher when they are wrapped flat. Therefore pack your plates with caution and premium packing paper to avoid damage and move them safely. You can repeat the same procedure for packing bowls of identical sizes.

Packing Glasses For Moving

Before you begin packing your glassware, first make a thorough inspection and count all the mugs, cups, glasses and stemware you have. Next, you can place all of your glasses on a solid surface, such as a tabletop or a larger bed. Examine each glass one at a time, looking for any breaks or noticeable damage. Fill cups and glasses with bunched quality packing material first. Next, cover stems and handles in the paper, crumpling slightly to create padding and then separately cover each piece in the paper. Pack mugs, glasses, and stemware upright in a box packed with packing paper, cushioning them carefully with crushed paper. If your shipment possesses glassware of constant size, neatly pile it, filling any empty area with crushed packing paper.

Packing glass

Considering double-boxing for particularly delicate stemware. After you’ve packed the carton, put it in a bigger package that’s been cushioned on both sides with wrapping paper. Cover the arms of big goods, such as pots, with packing paper before wrapping them separately. Then, find the safest way to pack the glasses into the moving boxes, allowing only a little amount of empty space. Again, wrapping paper should be used to fill the space. After completing the top layer with bubble wrap, secure the box with packing tape. Each package should be labeled “Delicate Goods.”

All the above packing tips and tricks will help you to pack your plates and glasses properly and safeguard them from breakage or damage during the relocation. Professional movers are experienced and trained to use the right technique to pack the kitchenware using quality packing supplies. Contact us and get your kitchenware packed appropriately and move it to your new residence with zero damage and utmost safety.