Moving Services On Rainy Days: Why You Should Be Prepared For The Worst

Moving is a difficult task. Various nuances must be properly and minutely planned to make relocation a happy experience. The various components of moving, such as planning, packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking, make it stressful. Any failure in the proper execution of the moving plan will give you high nerves during relocation.

And if it is going to rain on a moving day, then one needs to be extra careful. Moving in the rain can be very risky and easily lead to unexpected complications. Moving in rain poses its own challenges. There is reduced visibility, items get wet, roads and floors become slippery, and water and mud are everywhere. In such a scenario, it becomes challenging to move. The items are more prone to scratches and damage.

Following are a few tips that one could rely upon to make moving in rain smoother and cost-effective.

  •  Use Plastic Wrappers To Pack

When moving in the rain, there are high chances that the cardboard boxes may get spoiled. And thus, these cartons will not be of much use further. So, plastic wrappers, disposable poly bags, or plastic bins should be used for packing.

While the plastic wrapping should be used to cover heavy wooden items, the plastic bags and bins could replace the cardboard cartons. The plastic covering will keep the items dry and your moving experience stress-free.

  • Use Proper Footwear

Most of the problems that arise during the relocation in the rain are due to unexpected slips that our footwear causes. So, wearing proper footwear is extremely necessary when you or the professional movers are moving. Skid-free and non-slippery boots should be worn while loading and unloading items while moving in the rain.

Wearing such footwear will save one from injuries and would largely avoid accidental falls and damages.

  • Park the Moving Vehicle Close to the Door

When it is raining, one should try to park the vehicle as close to the door as possible. This is likely to prevent the items from getting wet and people injured. Parking the vehicle will also help one during storms or lightning. In such a scenario, the retreating procedure back to the house would be easier.

  •  Make a Temporary Canopy From the Door to the Vehicle

To completely counter the effect of rain during moving, a makeshift canopy should be made from the door to the vehicle. Camping tents or large thick plastic covers could keep the rain away. Making a canopy will allow the packers to patiently and carefully load and unload the items. Also, the additional mess and chaos that rain causes during relocation could be promptly avoided.

  • Use Rubber Gloves to Lift Heavy Items

Lifting heavy items becomes tough during rain. Items such as sofas, almirahs, fridges, etc., become slippery. One cannot get a good grip over such items while loading and unloading. This can cause severe physical complications such as disc slips, muscle pull, strains, and minor bruises over the hands and legs.

Thus, to get a good grip while lifting heavy items in the rain, wear rubber gloves to make your moving experience smooth and injury-free.

  • Use Garage or the Front Hall to Store Your Items to be Moved

One cannot leave the house dirty and in a mess before moving. This reflects your personality negatively. When one is moving in the rain, the house gets easily dirty with mud as everybody is busy moving in and out for loading purposes. To avoid mud everywhere in your house, you should shift the items to the garage or main front hall. It will be easier to park the truck inside or next to the garage.

Thus, the movement of the people loading the items would be restrictive to these places only. The dirt and mud could be easily wiped away before beginning the journey.

  • Drive Slowly and Carefully

One should drive slowly and carefully when moving in the rain. The rain makes the roads slippery. Also, waterlogging is a major problem during rain. One should avoid using power brakes as the vehicle may overturn. Also, the brakes should be applied earlier than usual because the friction between the tyres and the road decreases during rain.

It should be noted that the vehicle should get serviced, its tyres checked, and its fuel tank full before moving. Also, the toolbox could be handy with extra tyres in the vehicle if moving in the rain. Few umbrellas can be of great help during emergencies.

Thus, while moving during rain, one should drive slowly and put on the vehicle’s lights. When there is a heavy downpour, it becomes difficult to accurately see what is in front of us. Thus, turning on headlights would alert other drivers of your presence. This will minimise the possibility of likely accidents during such moves.


Thus, moving by yourself can be risky in the rain without proper planning. And even if you plan well, the lingering fears and uncertainties are there to make matters worse. A single mistake could reduce your planning and hard labour to dust. And if luck is not on your side, you may sustain serious injuries or incur very costly damages.

In such a situation, it is better to hire the services of professional movers. They are experienced in moving in such weather and could make your move smooth and largely stress-free. And if you are looking for professional movers, your search finishes at Tovey Movers

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