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    Single Item Move Service In Melbourne

    Need help to move just a single item? Don’t worry. Tovey Movers provides a single item moving service. We can shift one couch or an entire room safely. Generally, we live in a dilemma that moving companies will move one or only a couple of objects from one place to another or not. But single item move service is available and offered by moving companies. Tovey Mover is available to offer the move of one piece of table, desk, furniture, bookshelf, cupboard, wardrobe, freezer, and other things.

    If you have plans to move to a new residence in the upcoming months then it is helpful for you to move the objects that are not required at the current place. It will save time and money at the time of the final move. Also, you can arrange that objects to the new place so that you will feel relaxed and some burden will get reduced. And for this work, if you get top-rated professionals of Melbourne then what will be greater than this. Professionals of Tovey Movers Melbourne will never refuse you to help just because only a single item has to be moved. You can hire professionals of Tovey Movers for moving any type of object from one place to another. By hiring our experts, you only have to sit back, relax and enjoy the moving.

    Service Offered by Us

    The company that offers the single item move service is also termed as ‘ITM’. Tovey Movers also provides a single item delivery service throughout Melbourne. Here we can provide you an overview of the services that are delivered from our side.

    • Multiple items moving in a single time

    Tovey Movers offers moving of multiple services at a single time. If you have a number of items such as furniture, tables, boxes, and other things that need to be moved in a single time then book our professionals. We have a well-equipped and large truck that can accommodate large objects easily. The cost will be calculated on the basis of the distance, weight, size, and equipment that are used in moving. If the size of the object is large then, it will require more manpower and effort that will result in higher charges.

    • Moving one item at a time 

    Sometimes it becomes difficult to transport large furniture such as a sofa or love seat during the final moving. Moving such objects is simple and convenient when you move them individually. We can easily move your small or large single time in our fully equipped truck. By using the latest tools and techniques, we make every move successful. You can hire our professionals on very short notice. We understand the requirements of our client and according to that delivers our service.

    Benefits Of Hiring Single Item Move Service

    Selecting the best moving partner has very much effect on the way your moving will be completed. Our professionals will make your single item move free from stress and effort. Tovey Movers accommodate all your moving needs. We assure that our clients get the best services under the budget.

    • Our professionals are skilled and experienced.

    • Clear and simple pricing
    • Handle any size, move big or small.
    • No hidden charges
    • Right packing of boxes
    • Available at short notice
    • Clear communication to all our customers

    These are some of the benefits that you will enjoy by hiring the expert movers of Tovey Movers. You will get a wide range of moving services with us. To book our professionals you can give us a call on 1800 958 010.

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