Tips For Safe Relocation Of Pool Table

Tips For Safe Relocation Of Pool Table

Have you finally decided to relocate your house? The most challenging of all the tasks of relocation is to move hefty items without any damage to the possession as well as the person moving it. However, those planning to dismantle their old pool table may require further assistance.

A pool table is one of the bulkiest items a person can own, and moving it entails a lengthy and difficult disassembly procedure. In fact, if you’re transporting a pool table, you might want to consider hiring a professional. Because, believe it or not, relocating a pool table is a tough row to hoe.

Pool tables can be rather heavy, weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Because of their size and weight, they are extremely challenging to transport. For these reasons, it’s critical to get as much assistance as possible when transporting a pool table. While we firmly advise hiring experienced removalists to manage all elements of the pool table’s dismantling, relocation, and reassembly, we understand that this is not always possible.

Moving a pool table is a time-consuming, challenging, and costly task. Tovey Movers have enlisted some valuable tips for the safe relocation of your pool table.

Using The Right Moving Supplies & Technique

Suppose you have planned to relocate your moving table without the assistance of professionals. In that case, we suggest accumulating all the necessary packing supplies and tools needed for the packing & unpacking, disassembling & reassembling and relocation of the pool table such as socket wrench, screwdriver, power drill, packing materials, appliance dolly, etc.

However, suppose you hire a professional pool table relocation crew. In that case, you won’t have to take the headache of gathering all these things as the moving crew will themselves arrange all the necessary tools and equipment. It is advised to pack all the dismantled parts of the pool table in the carton and secure it with the packing table. When you reassemble the pool table, you can easily find them if the box is appropriately labeled.

Doorways, Stairwells & Hallways Should Be Appropriately Measured

It’s always a good idea to take measurements of any doorways, stairwells, or corridors that the object will be passing through. This will allow you to determine how easy moving the pool table and its numerous components from your house will be.

Doorways, Stairwells & Hallways Should Be Appropriately Measured

Before commencing the moving procedure, make sure to open the doors and thoroughly safeguard the floors and walls. Before transporting a huge, heavy object through your house, we suggest concealing any sharp edges with baby-proof bumpers or thick blankets to avoid any damage to the floor, doors and stairwells. Also, it safeguards the pool table while moving it.

Lease A Moving Vehicle

When it comes to the relocation of a pool table, sadly it won’t fit inside your sedans and SUVs. You’ll definitely need to hire a moving truck or a van from a reputable truck rental company, depending on the size of your pool table.

Lease A Moving Vehicle

The average size of a pool table varies between 7 ft. to 9 ft long, while its weight may vary from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds. When it comes to transporting a pool table, many moving truck rental businesses are to select from. If you hire professional pool table movers, you won’t have to face the hassle of renting a moving truck.

Dismantle The Pool Table

You’ve collected your equipment and supplies, and now it’s time to dismantle the pool table. First, remove the six ball pockets from the table by removing the staples that hold them in place. If your pool table’s pockets are bolted in place, instead of using a staple remover, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to extract them.

Then, attack the pool table’s side rails using a socket wrench. Remove each side rail gently after the bolts have been unscrewed. All bolts and screws should be stored individually, with each item adequately labeled. It’s now time to dismantle the cloth from the pool tabletop.

Use a staple remover and gently remove each staple to effectively remove the stapled-down cloth. During the removal process, try not to shred or damage the cloth. It’s time to attack your pool table’s slates once the table cloth has been easily dismantled and put away. After you’ve removed the pockets, railings, and slates, you may go on to the pool table’s main body and legs.

To begin, separate each pool table leg from the main structure. To make this easier, you may need to flip the pool table’s main body on its side or upside-down. All parts should be protected, and the vehicle should be loaded. 

Load The Pool Table In The Moving Truck Safely

Before relocating the pool table to your new residence, make sure to wrap each part of the pool table using appropriate packing supplies, including moving blankets, bubble wrap and securing it with packing tape.

It’s particularly necessary to safeguard the slates when loading the pool table onto the truck, as they’re both heavy and sensitive. After loading the pool table onto the truck, we firmly suggest driving slowly and carefully to avoid components moving and breaking while in transit.

Reconcile The Pool Table To Its Original Structure

Reassembling a pool table in your new residence can be challenging, but you’ll essentially be putting it back together with the same way you took it apart. Reconnect the legs to the original setup with the help of pals.

Reconcile The Pool Table To Its Original Structure

After the legs have been reattached, place the slate on top and cover it with billiard cloth. After that, assemble all of the pockets and rails. Adding the cloth to the pool table while keeping it entirely smooth can be difficult, and it’s usually best left to the experts.

Relocate Your Precious Pool Table With The Assistance Of Professional

Moving a pool table on your own is a challenging activity. It may be less costly to relocate your pool table than hire professional movers. On the other hand, professionals know how to move this massive piece of furniture without harming it or endangering themselves.

Your pool table could be damaged, slates could easily fracture when unscrewed, and you and your assistants could be hurt. One of the essential things when learning how to move a pool table is to operate effectively.

Check out Tovey Movers’ extensive network of renowned and trusted movers, all of whom are licensed, to find a capable moving company near you. If you choose a Tovey mover, you can feel assured that your pool table will be in the right hands.