Tips on Moving a Fridge

Tips on Moving a Fridge

There is no doubt that moving can be stressful as well as exciting. Can you visualize your existence without a fridge? Of course, you can’t. The fridge has turn out to be a necessity. It keeps our meals, vegetables and drinks etc. Cool and Fresh. With the fridge being such an essential a part of our lives, it is quite clear that we must take greater care while shifting.

While Moving in new house,You must puzzle out how to move a Fridge. With an Average Fridge weighing somewhere between 200 to 450 pounds, so moving fridge without planning can lead to body bruises, scratched floor, and even destroyed fridge. Fridge is one of the trickier appliance to move as, to move it you should held it upright, which makes it awkward. Not only Fridge is ponderous and bulky, but they are also costly as well. To make sure this expensive household appliance doesn’t get damaged, use the right tools and most important have patience as well.

Things you Need to Move a Fridge

There’s no home appliance as precious and necessary as a fridge. While transporting it, you must take many precautionary measures. Listed below are some of the very important things which you must collect before fridge removal. With help of these things, you’ll have a less hard time ensuring your fridge isn’t damaged during house removals.

  • Moving trolley
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape and scissors
  • Strongboxes
  • Bubblewrap
  • Moving Straps

The next step, after collecting these items, is to ask someone to help you in wrapping the fridge. A fridge is a substantially big item and wrapping it alone can prove mighty tough, if not outright impossible. Therefore, try to get someone to help you out.

How to Prepare Your Fridge for the Move

Now that you’ve arranged every essential you need to pack and move your fridge, Here’re some essential tips to help you move your fridge safely and soundly.

  • Before you pack the fridge for transportation, you must turn it off and empty its contents. Ensure you take out everything that was in the fridge.
  • In case your fridge is connected to a water supply, disconnect it. Give your fridge time it needs to cool down and become dry. You must also defrost your fridge. Defrosting is very important, so don’t forget this.
  • After you’ve disconnected the fridge from water and power supply and defrosted it, the next thing you must do is clean it thoroughly. You must ensure there’s not a single trace of any drink or food inside the fridge because fungus can grow rapidly and ruin your fridge’s surface.
  • Next, you should remove each and every removal part of your fridge. This includes, among others, ice containers, glass shield, shelves, and drawers. Remove and thoroughly clean them. Next, carefully wrap them in the wrapping paper. Use a separate wrapping paper for each of these items. By wrapping them, you minimize the chances of their breaking during loading or unloading.
  • In case your fridge is giving off a strong odor, sprinkle some baking soda into it. If you want, you can put a whole container of baking soda inside it. Doing so will significantly reduce the odor.

Essential Tips for Packing Your Fridge

After you’ve cleaned your fridge and given it time to completely dry up, get ready to firmly pack it. First of all, lock your fridge door. Next, use a rope to secure its doors. If you want, you can also use some other suitable material for this purpose. However, ensure that the material used for securing doors will not cause any damage to the fridge’s surface. By securing doors, you can ensure that the fridge door doesn’t open accidentally during transport. Finally, cover your fridge with not only bubble wrap but also a thick blanket. These extra layers of protection will ensure your fridge isn’t damaged even a little during the move. Given that the fridge is such an important appliance for your family, it really makes sense to pack it as carefully and thoroughly as possible. You surely wouldn’t want to risk damages to your fridge. With the right kind of packing materials, you can easily achieve that.

How to Move Your Fridge Out of Your Home

So, you’ve finished packing the fridge. Now it’s time move it out of the house. As said above, this is not one man’s job. You’ll need at least one helper. You’ll also need a moving product because you can’t simply lift the fridge and walk out of the door with it unless you’re a superman or hulk. A moving trolley would prove helpful. You can simply place the trolley under the fridge and move it. Useful as a moving trolley is, a much better option is a dolly. It makes moving the fridge out of the house easier and safer.

Whether you use a dolly or a trolley or any other product, always remember that your priority number one is to move your fridge out safely. You can tilt your fridge if you need to but don’t lay the fridge down. Doing so can cause damage to its internal machines, which can mean extra expenditure.

How to Move Your Fridge into the New Home

You must also be extremely careful while unloading and placing the fridge into your new home. Managing narrow pathways would require patience, as would taking it up the stairs. After you’ve placed it in its designated place in the new home, unwrap it slowly. However, don’t plug in the fridge for next 3 hours. You mustn’t be impatient to plug-in your fridge. Leaving the fridge unplugged for a few hours would give the coolant to go to its normal position. If you plug-in the fridge immediately after placing it, it could damage the compressor.