Top 7 Interstate Moving Tips

Top 7 Interstate Moving Tips

Are you planning to move interstate? Interstate house moving in Australia is anything but easy. There are many things that you need to take into account and the long distance is not the only challenge. However, with all that said, careful planning can ease much of your worries, and make your interstate house moving a relaxed experience.

This blog post touches upon 7 points that you must take care of before you pack up your bags and leave for your new abode. These tips will help you move interstate without any hassles.

So, let’s get started…

Quarantine Laws

Did you know that quarantine laws in Australia are stricter than in most other developed countries?

Yes, that’s true, and to complicate the matter more complicated, the rules and regulations might vary from one state to another. The first thing you must do when you decide on an interstate move is to familiarize yourself with the quarantine laws of your new state. This will help you avoid any rude shock later on. You would be served better by leaving behind stuff like animal products, agricultural equipment and plants.

Do away with what you don’t need

House moving is generally a good time to take stock of the things you don’t require. As you are sorting your belongings, consider putting aside all those things for which you have no use. You can host a garage or a yard sale to sell them and earn some extra cash. If that is not feasible, you might consider donating the items like clothing to a suitable non-profitable organization and selling things like old furniture online.

This way you do your bit for the society, earn some extra cash, and, no less importantly, reduce the number of items you would need to transport to your new home.

Going to the new home

What mode of transport you’ll be using to reach your new home? This is an important question you might to consider. If you like road trips, you might be tempted to drive to your new home, but this may not be a great idea if the distance is too much or the weather is unfriendly. Driving might also be not the best option if you’ve young kids or pets. Traveling by air, on the other hand, might be more convenient. You’ll also save much time. You’ll also have to decide about how you’ll transport your pets. Speak to your moving company and they will be able to offer you a suitable solution. If your pet doesn’t get distressed when flying, that might be a better option.

Notify the concerned authorities

Ensure that you inform the concerned authorities about your change of address. These include, among others, the electoral roll, tax office, health care funds. Also notify your internet service provider, energy provider and insurance company. You will also need to transfer not only your driver license but also car registration. The process and cost of doing so vary from state to state.

Pick a suitable moving company

This is the most important step. Your choice of moving company can be the difference between a comfortable or troublesome interstate move. When you are shopping for an interstate mover, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Of course, price matter, but it is not the only thing to consider. Therefore, don’t simply hire a provider that offers the lowest rates, look at whether they have relevant experience or not, as well as their previous track record. For instance, if you are moving interstate, you would like to hire a removal service that has done interstate moving before. Hiring a company that has until now done local moving might lead to issues later on. Likewise ask the selected provider to give you references. You should call or email its past customers and inquire about their experience. You should also read the reviews of the selected moving company on popular review sites, like Yelp and others.

Decide who’ll do the packing—you or the moving company

You might be tempted to doing packing yourself, especially if you have friends and family who’re ready to chip in. However, it would be much better if you let the moving company take care of the packing materials, more so when you lots of heavy or delicate items. Expert packers will ensure all your stuff is packed safely. This will minimize the risk of damage while loading and unloading, as well as in transit. Professionals will also use carton space more intelligently, owing to their vast experience.

Insure your valuable items

Always insure your valuable items, because things can go wrong, even after careful planning. Inquire about the various insurance options available to you and then choose the one that’s most suitable to your needs.