Why do we hire man with a van rather than removalists?

Why do we hire man with a van rather than removalists

Why do we hire a man with a van rather than removalists? The reason is simple!

For the same reason why we don’t want to throw away our rubbish, we prefer to hire a van from somebody who knows where he can get the job done efficiently, quickly and correctly.

It saves time, it saves energy and it also costs less than what it would cost us to hire removalists, so it is a win-win situation for everybody.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s look at some of the other reasons why we should always use a man with a van.

  • Flexible work process

We hire a man with a van rather than removalists because they are much more flexible. When a removalist company sends their guy in, you as the client are stuck with them. You have to give them the job or they will take off and leave your possessions behind. You can’t tell them what to do as they might not explain it well and you end up paying for it. The removalists charge per bag so you have to think about if that is worth paying an arm and a leg for!

  • When you hire a van from a removalist, you don’t get to pick it up from the office.
  • They will also pick up your items and then drive it away with the load in the back.
  • When they are done, you will be told to wait for your van which will take a while before it arrives. This makes the whole process very lengthy and unproductive.

Instead of removalists, we hire a man with a van and hope to never have any other issues like the ones above. If your items do somehow end up in another client’s property, then you don’t have anything to worry about as they have a guarantee that they will handle any loss that may occur. They will even pay for the packaging, if your items are damaged in the transport process. So, go ahead and hire a van today and see for yourself how easy it is!

  • Expertise

We hire Man with Van rather than removalists because they are much more experienced.


  • Removalists basically just drive around doing what they do best, while we hire a professional who knows the roads and is also knowledgeable about how the airport works.
  • Removalists are limited by the amount of vehicles that they can take and at what price.
  • As well, removalists are limited by the amount of time that they have to work with the customer, while the later one can decide on the amount of time to spend on the airport and also take care of our customers along the way.
  • By hiring a professional, you know that your van will be driven in an efficient and proper way around the airport and will not be damaged by traffic as much. It is important for a person with a van to drive it around the airport and then park it anywhere that they desire.
  • We hire a van as opposed to removalists because we want to keep our vehicles safe while still being able to perform our duties of transporting goods from one point to another.
  •  We want to be able to quickly and easily park our vehicles and quickly get to the location where we need to be.
  • Removalists do not provide us with a vehicle to transport goods from one area to another. They simply move the goods from one airport to another. And we have to pay them to do so.
  • We prefer to hire a professional so that we can keep our vehicles safe and operational at all times.
  • They also provide us with the ability to schedule pick-ups and deliveries rather than doing them ourselves.
  • Customised service

Man with Van Andouille knows how to deal with the van without the restrictions in terms of space and budget. They will also give the van a fresh look!

  • They have been in this business for the last 40 years and this is what they do best.
  • They listen to what you need. And you will be very pleased and the satisfaction is what keeps them going.
  • There are plenty of options that they can provide you and it depends on what you want.
  • They offer different types of Van andouille, from classic, vintage style to the modern styles.
  • If you need to move it across the country or overseas, they can arrange this as well.
  • You can have a full service Van andouille with all the mod cons and luxury needed.
  • You can have a comfortable seat inside the Van with all the comfort you desire and the Van will look great.

This is just one of the options that you can have. You can have a driver at the ready to drive you wherever you need to go. Moreover, they also provide packing supplies and boxes, if that is what you need. So, just let them know what you need and they will do the rest.

  • Fool-proof insurance

We always hire a man with a van rather than removalists because of the cost effectiveness and reliability of the latter.

  • Removalists do provide a lot of flexibility but it comes with a price that you may not be able to bear.
  • Hiring a van from a removalist company is like hiring an assistant. The assistant will either sit in your van while you drive or just help you with certain tasks like loading and unloading your vehicle, unloading your goods and unpacking it once again.
  • You would have to pay for their services and if the job does not get done as per your expectation, you will end up paying for their failure as well.

On the other hand, when you hire someone from a professional van-hire service provider like ours, you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind as you will know that the job will be done efficiently and without any flaws at all.

They also offer insurance of up to 15 days against any damage of your goods during the period of hire. This means that even if you hire someone and your goods get damaged, you do not need to bear the cost of their damages. In case the job does not get done as per your expectation, you just need to claim the insurance and this will clear all your doubts regarding the quality of the service.

  • We always hire a man with a van because of the flexibility that comes with it. You can decide the time you want to hire them and also the period of the work.
  • You can also decide the rate of the insurance. Generally, we allow you to hire an insurance of two-three months rather than the one year that many removalists provide.
  • Time-saver

We hire a man with a van rather than removalists as they save time and they are more experienced.


  • They can remove any object you have in your home, garage, or office irrespective if it is old, new, heavy, or light weight.
  • You will find that removalists are professionals who are paid to move your items whether they are residential or commercial. Removalists are not the best option as they charge very high fees for moving your possessions from one place to another.
  • On the other hand removalists are expert and skilled people who have knowledge about all the places in a particular city.
  • We hire a man with a van rather than removalists as they save time and they are more experienced. They have all knowledge about all places in a particular city.
  • Moving an item takes much time, especially when it comes to heavy items.
  • Removalists do not have the proper tools to move such heavy things. They do not even have the required experience for this.

Therefore we prefer to hire a man with a van rather than removalists as they save time and charge a reasonable fee for moving your belongings from one place to another. Rather you want to remove things yourself rather than paying someone else to do it for you, it is better to do it yourself rather than hiring someone else to do the job for you. If you are not sure of how to move certain things then you can hire a professional movers company to do the work for you.

But be sure that the removalists have the appropriate tools to move the things from one place to another safely and effectively.

  • Cost-effective

When you need to move from one place to another either for your work or to your permanent home, then you have to move all the belongings in a single van.

  • Moving the belongings in a single van costs more and takes longer time rather than hiring removalists.
  • Removalists or Movers are people who help you move from one place to another.
  • Removalists or movers have a license to carry goods and are trained to move all kinds of goods whether it is bulky or light.
  • Removalists provide packing of goods, unpacking of goods and moving in all types of weathers.
  • Rather than hiring Removalists as they save cost, there are certain ways that you can do to move the goods yourself.
  • You can rent a van from rental companies. They are available in different sizes and for short or long distance moving.

If you are moving only a few items then you don’t have to spend more time on driving between stops, but if you are moving a huge amount of things then you would need to drive between several vans.

Therefore, hiring a van would be beneficial to you in both cases.

Another way to move the goods yourself is by packing them in a box and taking them along with you while relocating from one place to another.

In this case you can rent a large truck or van rather than hiring a man with a van as the cost involved would be the same but you will get good service and packing done by the trucking company.

Before you decide to go for hiring a removalist or moving man, rather spend some time on the Internet and find out about the company and the reputation of the removalists. In this way you will avoid bad experiences and will be able to move along smoothly in your life without any hassle at all.

Hire from us!!

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A removalist can be dangerous if they are inexperienced so it’s best to hire a man with a van in Melbourne to move your items in the most secure manner possible, especially from us.

Our professional executives know how to load and unload vans and this makes them more efficient. You won’t be stuck in traffic and it will be much easier to get to your new destination because the man with the van will drive the van to your new location and then unload it for you. This means that our man with the van will drive your car to your new home as well and this can take some time if you don’t know the roads in and out of your area!

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