Your Definitive End-of-Lease Checklist

Your Definitive End-of-Lease Checklist

You’ve just learned that you must relocate yourself and now are worried how you’ll pack, unpack, and adjust in new surroundings. Well, it’s true that relocation is never easy, whether it is in the same city or a different state. Often, we get so tied up with immediate things like packing that we stop thinking about other things. To make things simpler for you and your family, we’ve compiled the most thorough end-of-lease checklist. Have a look.

Keep all your documents in a binder

House moving is not only about packing, unpacking, loading, and transferring stuff to the new place. It also entails a lot of paperwork. If you misplace any legal document, it could mean extra work for you, which you could ill-afford at such a time. The easiest way to ensure that your legal documents are all in place is to use a binder. Keep all the legal documents concerning your relocation in it.

Inform people about your new address

Don’t forget to change the postal address before moving. Failure to do so can cause you to lose important mail, which might make things harder for you later. In addition to changing the postal address, you must duly inform authorities and private establishments regarding the address change. Obviously, you need to inform about the same to your co-workers and friends. Otherwise, you mightn’t able to connect with them. However, you should remember that you might still receive some mail at your old address. Therefore, you should request a trust-able neighbour to forward them to your new address. For this purpose, give the neighbour access to some funds. Another thing you shouldn’t forget to do is cancel any local subscriptions and memberships. For instance, if you are a member of a local club, you might want to opt out of it, particularly if you are moving to place far away. Similarly, you might want to opt out of the memberships of any local gym, hobby groups, organizations, etc.

Transfer utilities

Before shifting, make sure that all the necessary utilities are available. This includes electricity, gas, water supply, Internet and phone. Also make sure that central heating is working properly at your new home.

Organize all your records

It is very important that you collect your medical records from your medical officer whom you’re visiting in the old place. Equally important is to keep them in a safe place, so that you don’t lose them during packing or shifting. Do you have a school-going child? If yes, make sure you collect all the necessary documents from your child’s school. In addition to collecting these documents, you should talk to your child about why it is necessary to move to a new home. Remember, change is often not so easy for a child, especially a young adult. Therefore make sure that your child is comfortable with moving.

Clear any debts that you may have

Don’t leave any obligation pending. You should not only clear all the pending bills before moving out but also return any money that you have borrowed from your neighbors, friends or co-workers. Similarly, if you have lent any money to someone, try to get that back. Before moving out, get the necessary repair work done on your previous home so that you can receive the full security amount that you’d deposited earlier.

Label your cartons efficiently

Packing is not just about throwing stuff in different boxes and closing the lids. You should also label the packed cartons intelligently and clearly. Mark the cartons in such a way that the hired movers will have no trouble in arranging them in their designated places in the new home. For instance, if something needs to go to the master bedroom, write the same in bold letters on it, preferably using a red marker. Last but not the least, don’t forget to visit your old friends and neighbors personally to say goodbye to them. If you want, you can also hold a dinner or lunch in a local club and invite all the local peoples who made your stay there memorable. This is actually a great idea if you are hard-pressed for time.

With help of this definitive checklist, you will not encounter any problem while moving out of your house.  The tips listed here are all easy to do. Therefore, you really don’t have any excuse for not following them. Moving out of your house can be stressful. However, careful planning and a thorough checklist can help keep your relocation stress and tension free. One more last thing: hire a respectable team for your move. Professional movers today are a dime a dozen at all places, but it’s much harder to find a good team that can handle your valuables carefully, provide great service, and charges a reasonable rate. Our team has all these qualities for your all kind of removals like Furniture removals, House removals and Office removals etc., so get in touch with us.

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